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Why SmartIkigega

A better way to save,access and use data for farmers

This is the technology which will make it easy for agriculture sectors to be linked with other sectors in different ways which will make agriculture more digitilized .

  • Easiest farming management

    with Smart Ikigega farmers are able to save their harvest data digitally and get notified anytime they sold their harvest by sms beyond to that every farmer will be able to access those data using USSD portal .

  • Easiest way to use Cashless for farmers

    with this system farmers also are able to sell their harvest and receive their payment digitally through the unique identity that every farmer have as farmercode this is the good way to use cashless method in agriculture.

  • Easiest way to access harvest Insurance

    With this system farmers are able to access other services digitally like checking on their harvest datqa in a given using their phone which is the good way to help them to plan for future depending on what they have sold in the given time

  • Direct loan

    With SmartIkigega system also farmers are able to overcome the climate change effects by accessing the harvest insurance digitally using their phone and this will be done depending on their harvest data which is the good way to evaluate what kind of harvest insurance the given farme is going to pay.

  • Easy way to access other services

    with this system also farmers are able to access the financial services digitally and get direct loan depending on their harvet quantity which is the good way to help farmers to expand their agriculture


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